Dymond Starr Austin – Boutte’ 

An independent artist and collaborator with gaming & publishing studios. Illustrator, and Concept Artist with a focus in characters.
For inquires, contact at DymondStarrIllustrations@gmail.com

The desire to explore new avenues in art entices the audience and those we work with. I cater my abilities to the entertainment industry, within video games, fiction book cover art and more. Telling stories and bringing the unknown to life is an enthralling never ending journey. My personal artwork is within the fantasy genera, but dark and ethereal.

The Journey:

A graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration, in 2013. Learning traditional anatomy, art fundamentals, traditional painting, drawing and story telling skills.  After graduation I went to Intern at Direwolf Digitalto create digital illustrations for online card games. In tandem I collaborated with a fine art company, Lynnel Art to Form with the owner Lynn. Together we created unique abstract, fine art for high-in and residential architectural spaces. 

In 2014 I found my self in an unexpected place, a Game Development studio, Fuhu Inc. aka Nabi Tablet. The creators of the kids educational game safe tablet. At Fuhu I progressed from basic Unity art assets implementation, to creating the art assets, designing concept art, over all visual and game development. In fall 2015 , I had to say farewell to the Fuhu. And now working at Dire Wolf Digital since August 2016, creating UI and concept art, premilarly for their main IP, Eternal